How am I going to do this???

“I just want reassurance that there’s only one baby in there”
Famous last words.
As the sonograher’s probe settled on my abdomen, I saw them right away. 2 perfect beans, hearts beating away. Perfect, beautiful and utterly terrifying.
This was not my first time on this crazy twin roundabout. In June 2012 I had a similar moment, finding out with surprise and delight that my first baby, one that had taken 2 years and 3 rounds of IUI to conceive, was twins! The first time it was exciting. A little scary, but we were thrilled, and again with our thirs baby, a singleton. The second set of twins? I was rocking in the corner.
How was I going to cope with 5 kids and a second set of twins??? Only really organised people could manage a family that size and I struggled to get up in the morning as it was!
At 20 weeks, we found out we had 2 more bouncing boys on board, bringing our boy tally to 5. 5 boys aged 5 and under. For a little over a year I have been mum to 5 gorgeous, bouncing boys and I’ve barely come up for air since.
This blog will be a mish-mash of parenting related topics and hopefully some helpful tips. Welcome!
*Image of my gorgeous twinnies NAthaniel and Finely at around 17 weeks gestation.


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