So what is manifesting and the Law of Attraction???

Manifesting: writing out my goal as a gratitude statement as though it has already occurred. 55 times over 5 days.

Last year I was having the worst year of my life, it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I started expecting the worst and it kept happening. One thing triggered it, but it was like bad luck was finding me! I found myself thinking ‘what’s next?’ and the bad things kept coming.
The Law of Attraction basically talks about how what you think about and focus your energy on is what you manifest into your life. It follows the principle that the universe is abundant and by changing your mindset you can welcome abundance into your life. But it also works in reverse. If you focus your energy on negative things, that’s what you get.

Ever been driving behind a car and you’re running late (all the time for me lol) and you find yourself thinking ‘I hope I don’t get held up’ and then like magic, you seem to get stuck behind the slowest driver on earth??? But when you’re not running late or are early, this rarely happens. It’s like the minute you focus your energy on what you don’t want, there it is! 

I learned about The Law of Attraction in reverse. I was manifesting alright, but I was manifesting what I didn’t want. I was focusing on what was going wrong or what could go wrong next, instead of focusing on what I did want. Some of the stuff that happened to me was really random and unusual. Like having a second set of twins (1 in 3000 chance), getting a paralysed vocal cord post c-section (1 in 500,000 chance) and falling and breaking my wrist on the bathroom floor (only happens to very old people usually lol).

This year I attempted to turn things around but found it hard to change my thinking, with the babies playing up and being very tired and overwhelmed by being back in full time work with 5 little kids and challenging twin babies.

A few weeks ago I stumbled on a video by Sarah Prout that linked to her website, it had an ad for a guide to manifesting called the Ancient Manifesting Ritual. It was cheap and had no hidden terms and conditions that I could see so I bought the ebook and decided to give it a try. This ritual has been around for thousands of years, Sarah has packaged it to deliver to a modern audience. 

Sarah has a lot of great stuff but the crux of the Ancient Manifesting Ritual is that you set a goal that you’re passionate about and write it down like your goal has already been achieved. 55 times for 5 days, you hand write your goal over and over. Actually handwriting it is important to the process, as is not being interrupted (easier said than done as a mum of 5 and the babies wake still, I usually had to write it at around midnight lol). 

My goal is to pay off my mortgage in 6 years, so my statement was ‘I am so grateful to have easily and effortlessly paid off our mortgage’. Our mortgage hasn’t been paid off yet, but part of the process is making the gratitude statement like it has already happened. 

Keeping a positive headspace while doing this has been important, which is not always easy when your hand is cramping up and you’re tired as it takes a while to write, but I kept on track with it by staying focused on my goal, thinking how it will feel when the grass under my feet actually belongs to me.

Very crappy picture of our dream home. One of our older twins drew himself in ‘his’ room which was so cute!

Our plan for the house is to pay off our existing small mortgage, then do a knock-down rebuild and build our forever home on our existing block. Our existing home is old and too small for our family of 7 people, but we love where we live. Hubby and I sat down one of the nights and drew plans for our home, how we want it to look and want features we want to include. The next day the kids drew on the plans too, picking their bedrooms and drawing in the features they wanted. It is fun to dream, plan and get excited about our one-day forever home.
After finishing the writing ritual I tucked it away in a hiding place to be revisited later to see if the goal was coming to fruition.

I started thinking about what I could do to get started towards that goal. One thing I noticed almost right away was that things I was posting were getting a lot of interest and positive comments. People were complimenting my writing. I got pm’s from different mum pages wanting to share my posts. One post in particular has been so popular that I’ve received numerous PM’s to share the idea, and have been contacted by a couple of different mum pages for paid gigs. One in particular is very exciting! I’m in disbelief actually, it’s like as soon as I finished manifesting my luck took a 180 turn! This is the power of the mind, it’s incredible! All I did was open my eyes to what was already in front of me, stop telling myself I wasn’t a good enough writer and start moving past the fear of the unknown towards opportunities. 

I’ve also had some good moments in my day job since I did this manifesting. I’m trusting that the universe has a plan for me and I’m going for it, maybe I’ll reach my mortgage pay-off goal faster if I can generate more income, time will tell!

It’s really powerful and I just had to share it with you wonderful people. For the specifics of manifesting I did a google search, but found Sarah Prout great and her ebook was very affordable, it was $9 USD, which I think is around $12AUD. 

Writing my goal out 55 times for 5 days. This took around 20-30 mins a day for 5 days.

I think the power of manifesting is not that it’s a magic trick, more that it changes you. It’s about having the courage to dive in; setting a goal and going for it!

If anyone is interested in the ebook I mentioned by Sarah Prout this is the link here. I don’t make any money off this recommendation, I just really liked this ebook and found it explained how to manifest really well. You nee to scroll to the bottom of the page to buy the ebook.

Happy manifesting!

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